Taren Point Public School

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Enviro club

Caring for the environment at Taren Point Public School is important to us. School initiatives include; students assisting with the planting and mulching of native garden beds, focus on reducing water usage, caring for the school chickens and stingless bees, regular environmental education lessons in recycling of paper and cardboard, plastic bottles and poppers and e-waste.

In order to reduce waste, students are asked to minimize lunch and recess packaging by bringing food to school in re-usable containers. Any remaining packaging is returned in the lunchbox. Food scraps can be placed in the school compost bin. 

Through the planting of trees and maintenance of remnant native vegetation on our school grounds, we have created a haven for native birds such as Yellow-tailed Cockatoos, Eastern Rosellas and Lorikeets.

Students actively participate in sustainable environmental practices and grow vegetables and fruit which are  used in cooking lessons with  eggs produced by the school chickens. When we have surplus crops and eggs, these are sold to the school community by the SRC.

Every year our children participate in Clean Up Australia Day, not only looking after the school but also our neighbouring foreshore.

Getting Clucky!

Let us introduce you to our fine feathered friends - Black Panther, Bolt, Phoenix 2.0 and Snowy.
The girls enjoy roaming freely around our school and are prolific egg layers, indulged by our families with lots of donations of vegetable scraps.

Hugely popular with the children and staff, they love to interact with everyday school life.